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Grow & Nurture your Network

Soko is designed to help you expand your existing network and maintain them. You will create genuine, lasting relationships with fellow Black professionals

Supercharge your Career

Upskill yourself for bigger opportunities through your connections and the content they post

Get Paid
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Get rewarded for putting your network on to job opportunities and generating your own data while being active on our platform

Lifelong Support

Whether you are in the workplace or running your own business, you will always need a support system to keep pushing forward when there are tough times. Get that support through your network on Soko

Own Your Personal Data

Own and sell your data at your own will. Unlike other social networks, we don't keep and sell your data. We give you the opportunity to make money on your activity within the platform

Discover Opportunities
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Consistently get recommended to job opportunities that fit your future

Key Features


Find other Black professionals quickly and develop authentic relationships with each other!


Gain new skills and new job opportunities provided on our platform!


    > We provide you with the opportunity to own and sell your data generated on our platform for a profit!
    > Make money referring job opportunities to your network!

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    Amazing Growth Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    Never worry about a lack of job opportunities again! Get job postings on your feed that are tailored to your skillset.

    Highlight Achievements

    Got a promotion? Blast it out to your network! Started a business? We want to hear it! Whatever you accomplish in life, your community will always congratulate you!

    Build a Strong Support System

    Expand your network globally to Black professionals all over the world. We should never be location bound. There are Black professionals all around the world and it's time we become interconnected!

    Build Your Brand

    Expand your network globally to Black professionals all over the world. We should never be location bound. There are Black professionals all around the world and it's time we become interconnected!

    Make Money Networking

    All activity you generate on this platform is data that is valuable! Unlike other social networks who take your data and sell it without your knowledge, we give you the ownership and help you sell it successfully!

    Discover More

    It's never been easier to find Black professionals in your area! No matter where you are, with Soko, you'll always meet Black professionals around you

    Learn why people are excited about Soko!

    Pariss Athena
    Founder, Black Tech Pipeline
    "I’m excited for Soko’s launch because our community will finally have a space that completely represents us, is for us, and by us. No more being the token in a space where we’re the minority. I’m so excited to have joined Soko!"
    Renisha Austin
    Founder, Ren's Gems
    "Honestly, the mission behind the platform is exactly why I am excited for Soko. To be able to network more efficiently with black people is major. There are so many successful and brilliant people who look like me, that I really don’t have a way of accessing and this will be a resource to be able to do just that. I’m excited that someone thought of the idea and is executing it!"
    Diamond Hawkins
    Founder, Pothos Beauty
    "Soko is going to change the world! I've been craving for a space for Black professionals and creatives like myself to vibe out. Super dope company, great deal behind the machine, excited for the launch!"
    Brianna Flemings
    Founder, Jemsplash
    "I'm excited to be apart of a platform where I don't stand out. It means a lot that this platform is being built. I need this and so does our community."
    Samuel Austin Taylor
    Angel Investor
    "The world needs more diverse and inclusive platforms, not less. Any place that provides an opportunity for someone other than the represented majority to bring their full selves to is a place I'm excited about. Soko does that."
    Wesley Woodson
    Founder, TheHidden
    "I've always looked for a place where I could connect with other Black creative entrepreneurs! I've surfed the internet high and low to find a place where I could potentially work with creatives who look like me. Now, I'm excited I've found that place in Soko!"
    Jacques Jean
    Co-Founder, Jean Asset Management & Capital Interests, LLC.
    "I am excited because Soko offers an opportunity to change the Black community as a whole by tackling some made up pipeline issues. The talent pool is there but the ownership is not. Soko has the ability to change that from the inside out."
    Carthell Sanders
    Project Manager, Body Werks Spa Calabasas
    Never before has there been a resource or platform that connects me directly with Black entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers, and doers under such a vast reach. I'm excited about the connections, networking, and business that will come from Soko but most importantly, I'm excited to be able to offer my help and expertise as a resource that was developed by the people for the people!"

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    > Diversify your talent pool with qualified Black professional candidates

    > Build trust around your company brand within the Black community

    > Become known allies for the community

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