Soko is your ultimate talent outreach tool

A new way to get top talent

Get thousands of professionals working as your recruiter to get you the top talent in their networks.

All for a tiny fraction of traditional recruiting costs.

What is Soko?


We partner with professional influencers to get your jobs circulating into diverse and highly qualified applicants.

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Help your recruitment team scale up their outreach and meet demand at rock bottom prices.

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Diversity demographic analytics with every job post and bias reduction hiring tools to hire best talent.

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Level up your recruiting efforts

Get the recruiting outreach of hundreds of recruiters with one job post.

CSV Exports

Export candidates to your ATS with CSV export features

Referral Hiring Program

We help your company create a referral hiring program quickly

Job Bounties

Create job bounties for specified talent and only pay the bounty commission if you hire

Bias Reduction

Bias reduction hiring tools to ensure that the best talent get through to the process.

A better way to recruit new talent

With the rise of social media and digital connection, the new way to acquire talent is social.

The Bounty Process

Create a company profile, then add job bounties for the position you are looking to hire. The minimum bounty reward is $1000 for a successful hire. The higher the bounty, the faster talent will apply.

Select your applicant pool number

Choose the number of applicants you would like to have in your bounty pool to the ensure quality, not just quantity.

Infinitely scalable, get the top talent you desire at incredible volumes

Ultimate recruiting outreach tool built specifically for the new digital era of social networking and next generation of exceptional talent.

Scale Your company's recruiting outreach 100x

Have hundreds of users reaching out to talent on your behalf.

Valuable insights for improved company branding

Diversity demographic analytics to understand the reach of your job bounties. Application analytics to understand the performance of your job bounties.

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Social Talent Network

This is the new way to recruit that saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruiting efforts and utilizes the power of many to get you the top few.


Potential reach per job bounty

Get your job posting amplified across all channels of social media by hundreds of thousands of user to get you the best talent.


you can start for FREE

There's no financial risk to getting started! We only get paid if you get a successful hire. Doesn't get any better than that!