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How Justin built his lucrative talent pool!

Learn how Justin Mitchell filled up his talent pool to send to companies and how you can too through Soko and your own social networks!

Building an amazing talent pool you can source from, from scratch!

Justin Mitchell isn't a professional recruiter and never had the goal of becoming one. What he is, though, is a social media savvy person who understands where the supply to the demand is.

He realized that LinkedIn was congested and there were other social media platforms that had talent just sitting there waiting for the next opportunity.

This is how he did it and how you can do it too!

"I started placing a bunch of people through this process. All I really did was go on to Reddit and look for a bunch of /forhire posts. I found a huge list of people and didn't even know them personally. A few of them got hired and the companies absolutely LOVED them."
  1. Find a popular social networking platform that has communities you can join (i.e. Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, Quora, etc)
  2. Search through different threads for people who are looking to get hired and are a specific role.
  3. Reach out to those people and let them know you can find them jobs on their behalf.
  4. Enter job bounties on Soko from startups that are looking for those roles you have sourced.
  5. Send those people you found, your Soko link to apply for those jobs and get paid once they get hired.

** You can also just share your job bounty across all of your social networks with a click of a button and get more attention towards a job bounty you are a part of**

It's that easy, and you can become a six-figure Soko Bounty Hunter doing this. The talent economy is extremely lucrative and Soko is giving you the ability to make more money than you ever thought possible getting your friends or even people that are in your communities, exciting tech jobs!

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